The Educator
       Dr. De Felice earned both the Bachelor and the Master of Musical Arts degrees in Violin Performance through the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She was awarded a full scholarship to attend the Doctorate of Musical Arts in Violin Performance at the University of Miami, earning the degree in May 2004.
       Dr. De Felice was a faculty member of the Brazilian Conservatory of Music, an institution of higher education in which she taught Applied Violin. In the U.S. she was the Orchestra Director at Felix Varela Senior High, and she is  professor of violin at Santa Fe College. 
         In 2010 she received an invitation to go back to Brazil to develop and implement the first music education curriculum for the entire public school system in that country - a pilot program created to serve as model for the state of São Paulo, and later on for other states through online teacher training. The position also included the development and the supervision of a live teacher training program of 900 teachers in order to first implement the curriculum.
      Back to the U.S., De Felice worked with maestro Nowak Grzegorz, permanent associate conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, helping to prepare undergraduate and graduate students for their Symphonic Repertoire at the Florida International University.